Programming My Life
  1. TIL: Docker Commands

    I set up my main project at work to utilize LocalStack this week. I wasn't able to get it working using a virtual environment with Python, but another project at work has it set up through Docker. A coworker that is much more familiar with Docker than I am helped …

  2. Mocking in Python tests

    For a while now, I've felt unsure about mocking in Python. It has helped me test in the past, but I've also seen a lot of smart people talk or write about its pitfalls.

    Recently, I had to test some functionality around calls to Twilio, so I decided to investigate …

  3. ramblr

    In writing for this blog, there are some posts I'd like to write that I don't think quite fit the theme of this blog. For example, I want to write short book reviews to link to from my books page, but I don't want them showing up on the index …

  4. [TIL] Mocking Chained Calls

    At work last week, I was asked to write tests for code that reaches out to Twilio's verify service. Here is what that code looks like (from the Twilio docs):

    client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)
    verification = client.verify \
                         .v2 \
                         .services('VAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX') \
                         .verifications \
                         .create(to='+15017122661', channel='sms')

    I was able to …

  5. Strategies for a Long Running Side Project

    At DjangoConUS 2023, I gave a lighting talk with this title. It was a lot of fun, and I'd suggest you try to give a lightning talk if you haven't before. It's a great way to try giving a talk at a conference without having to commit to a full …