This site is mostly a log of what I am learning or have learned about technical topics. Currently, I am mostly focused on web development with Django and TypeScript on AWS and game development using Unity3D. I have found this site to be incredibly helpful to me for two reasons:

So I encourage you to make one of your own!

Pelican and Hosting

I'm using Pelican to build this site. I've written a bit about moving from Jekyll to Pelican here. One major advantage of Pelican is that, as a static site generator, I can host the files on AWS S3 with no need for a server. This is much cheaper and less hassle than using a server!


Why no comments? Setting up a comments section and keeping it up (moderation, dealing with spam, etc.) is a lot of work. I'd rather focus that energy elsewhere. It also would require me to have a server or rely on someone else's server. If you have some feedback, please email the site domain name [at] gmail.com, or reach out to me on Fosstodon: @programmylife@fosstodon.org