Switching from Jekyll to Pelican

In the time since I've posted on this blog, I've erased the environment I used to set up and run Jekyll. Since I've never been a Ruby programmer and most of the code I write now is in Python, I thought I'd look into a blogging engine in Python. I found Pelican and Nikola to be recommended by a number of folks, so I decided to give Pelican a try, and it's been great so far! Using a Python based site generator feels more comfortable for me since I'm more familiar with pip than gems.

It seems remarkably similar to Jekyll and I only had to make a few small changes to the front matter on a few posts to get all of my content working with Pelican. I've made some tweaks to the default theme to move a few icons around to my liking, but otherwise haven't made major changes. I'll make a follow up post if I make interesting changes that others might want to use.