Swapping burrs in my Oxo Coffee Grinder

Swapping burrs in my Oxo Coffee Grinder

And now for something completely different...

You may have noticed my favicon is a mug of coffee. I'm a huge coffee fan, and the last few years I've gone further down the rabbit hole with third wave/specialty coffee.

I recently bought a new coffee grinder to upgrade from my ~5 year old Oxo grinder. I try not to be wasteful, so when considering what to do with the old grinder, I decided to search around to see if anyone had recommendations for modifying it. In my (not so exhaustive) search I found this recommendation for swapping to a better set of burrs which I decided to try.

The instructions were pretty good and the most time consuming part was cleaning out all of the grounds from previous usage (perhaps I should have cleaned it more regularly...). But all in all it was quite an easy swap.

The retention still isn't great, but it's better and the new burrs work well!

Old dirty burrs New burrs installed

Since this isn't a coffee blog (yet...) I don't want to get too deep in the weeds, but the old grinder and the new one have different burr types (flat vs. conical) which has allowed me to highlight the difference between them as I try new coffees. It's a lot of fun!