Signing and Notarizing a Unity App for MacOS

Signing and Notarizing a Unity App for MacOS

Edit: A lot of the information in this post is still great, but Apple have recently recommended moving from altool (referenced in the linked scripts below) to notarytool, so I have added an update to this post here.

For the past few years, Apple's Gatekeeper has made it difficult to run apps downloaded from the internet. Since most of the users of the game that I distribute (more on this soon) aren't technical, we get a significant number of folks needing help even with detailed instructions we supply. I finally had the time to look into code-signing our Unity game for MacOS that would be distributed outside the app store (downloaded from the internet).

The following two links have almost all of the instructions necessary, but I want to highlight two issues I ran into in case others have a similar problem. And I think I can explain the root issue a little better than I found elsewhere.

Links: a good example of how to script the process and a walkthrough with much more thorough explanations

Note that my Macbook is managed by the IT department at my current employer, so this may be an issue only for managed machines.

First, it isn't specified in either link, but I installed my certificate (the one I created and downloaded from, see the second link above for more about that) into my 'login' keychain after running into the issue below and reading through some apple developer forum and stack overflow discussions. I'm not sure if that matters, but it seems that is the recommended way.

I kept getting Warning: unable to build chain to self-signed root for signer when trying to run codesign, and the answer here about the WWDR Intermediate Certification worked for me initially. I installed the linked cert into my System keychain. But I was using the wrong cerification (Distribution, which is for submitting to the store, I think) so notarization failed.

After getting the correct certification (again, from the instructions in the second link above, and installing into my 'login' keychain), I had to download the intermediate certification Developer ID - G2 (Expiring 09/17/2031 00:00:00 UTC) from here, and I installed that into my System keychain. This got notarization to work!

I know it was this one because after I added that, my certification (the one I created in my developer account, downloaded and installed to login) changed to 'trusted'. I tried a different one first that didn't change the status of my certification.

In short, if codesigning is giving you the error above, you are probably missing the intermediate certification from Apple (this was another answer from the developer forum link above, but I didn't understand it when I read it). What this means is that you should determine which type of certification you requested from Apple (Apple Distribution, etc.) and find the matching certification from Apple. It wasn't immediately clear to me which was the matching certification in my case, but I downloaded two that seemed like they might be correct and only one of them changed my cert to trusted in Keychain Access. Good luck!