This site is mostly a log of what I am learning or have learned about technical topics. Currently, I am mostly focused on web development with Django and TypeScript on AWS and game development using Unity3D. I have found this site to be incredible helpful to me for two reasons:

-Writing posts helps me recall things later and work through what I don’t understand as well when I’m learning new information. -It’s a great resource to return to for reference when I forget how I did something.

So I encourage you to make one of your own!

Jekyll and Hosting

I’m using Jekyll to build the site. The only difficulty I’ve had with Jekyll was trying to set it up on Windows; it’s much easier to set up on Windows Subsystem for Linux. One major advantage of Jekyll is that, as a static site generator, I can host the files on AWS S3 with no need for a server. This is incredibly cheap! If you are interested in the few small changes I’ve made to Jekyll and my build script, I went into a little more detail here.


Why no comments? Setting up a comments section and keeping it up (moderation, dealing with spam, etc.) is a lot of work. I’d rather focus that energy elsewhere. If you have some feedback, please get in touch on Twitter.